Mologer - Tank and Depth Logging App

Mologer allows user to log measurements by setting up a route then adding data points to the route. These data points store, time and date stamp recordings they can also be set to scale a measurement. Thus  a tank or silo measurement can be converted to volume or weight. After recording data can be exported as a csv file.


The Mologer app connects to Bluetooth enabled Lieca laser distance meters and can be connected to platinum pumps Mologer ultrasonic distance meter.


The app allows for multiple routes the data points within each route can be edited, deleted or moved around within the route changing the order of the data points to best suite recording method. The route data can be deleted or exported as a csv file, After recoding a point the cursor will move to the next point at any time the user can move the cursor to re-record or jump a datapoint.


Mologer also has a GPS mode where the data points can be set up with a geolocation during setup, During record mode the geolocation will move the cursor to the nearest datapoint ready for recording.


What instrument to use? The Lieca Disto Bluetooth enabled instrument is ideal for all solid object but not suitable for translucent objects in which case platinum pumps ultrasonic Mologer should be used.

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